Client: Confidential

Case Type: Criminal - Family Violence Battery

County/Date: DeKalb County, GA - 2014

Sometimes in life we meet people who do their jobs well but then there are times in which we meet people whom not only do their jobs well but they have a love so strong for what they do they completely take all pressure and stress off of the people in which they are helping.  A year ago I made a blind phone call to the Torselli Law Firm not knowing what to expect, all I knew is that I was stressed out, confused and angry about what had just happened in my life.  What I got on the other end of the phone was someone who assured me that not only would everything be ok, but that I would have someone to hold my hand and carry me to the finish line.  Paola Torselli was god sent and I truly believe she was my angel in this situation.  When I hired Paola Torselli, I walked out of her office and cried tears of joy because I knew in my heart that this was the best decision I had made in a long time.  I was literally able to hand this situation over to the Torselli Law Firm and let it go; Paola handled everything for me without me having to stress and worry about things.  Two things that are really important to me are following up and communication, both of which Attorney Torselli did very well.  I never wondered what was going on, or if I should or shouldn’t do something the answers to questions that I haven’t even thought of yet were answered before I could think of them.  I truly consider Paola Torselli a friend and plan to stay in touch with her because she treated me better than just a client, she treated me like a friend in need and for that I’m eternally grateful!


Client: Confidential

Case Type:  Criminal – Identity Fraud, Forgery 2nd Degree and Theft by Taking

County/Date: Gwinnett County, GA - 2015
La abogada Paola Torselli, no solo fue mi abogada también fue un gran apoyo para mí en el proceso de mi caso. Estoy muy satisfecha con el trabajo que hizo y la manera en la cual resolvió mi caso. Antes de acudir a su ayuda me sentía perdida y no estaba segura de lo que podía pasar conmigo. En ningún momento del caso ella me dio falsas esperanzas, al contrario me dijo desde frente todo lo que podía pasar y la gravedad del caso; sin embargo, a pesar de lo difícil que fue el caso ella no Descanso ningún momento busco la mejor manera de resolver el caso, y trabajo fuerte mente para que yo no saliera perjudicada. Y le agradezco mucho todo el trabajo y esfuerzo que hizo por mi caso. Porque si no fuera por ella yo no estaría libre en estos momentos. Ella no solo hace el trabajo de ir a la corte, si no de ver todas las pruebas necesarias y encontrar hasta el más mínimo punto donde sus clientes puedan ser ayudados. Gracias por toda su ayuda.  Y la recomendare siempre que alguien necesite un buen abogado porque no solo lucho por mí sino me dio muchas fuerzas y  apoyo para salir adelante. Mil Gracias.


Client: Confidential

Case Type: Criminal - Possession of Marijuana

County/Date: DeKalb County, GA - 2014
I was extremely pleased with Paola Torselli's legal sevices.  In what was a very tense episode for me, Ms. Torselli was able to settle my nerves and clearly explain my options and her recommendations. I genuinely felt that she cared about my case and she handled every encounter in the process with an adept touch. I would recommend the Torselli Law firm without hesitation.


Client: Confidential

Case Type: Criminal - Sexual Battery

County/Date: DeKalb County, GA - 2013
Paola represented our family during some trying times. We could tell that she really cared about our family and wanted only the best outcome in our case. She worked tirelessly and we could see her effort in making sure we were comfortable and understood everything pertaining to our case; she is both thoughtful and thorough. We will never forget her and strongly recommend her to anyone seeking legal counsel.


Client: Confidential

Case Type: Criminal - Violation of Georgia Employment Security Law

County/Date: DeKalb County, GA - 2013
I was dealing with a pretty serious legal matter that required good representation. I wasn’t really certain of the outcome and was a nervous wreck! I was put in touch with Paola and shared all the details of my situation with her first via telephone. She scheduled me for a face to face and immediately went into action to get more details that would aid towards my case. She made constant contact with me, kept me up to date and provided the best legal advice from an attorney’s stance that I’ve ever seen. Before it was over, I felt confident I was surely in good hands. Let’s just say I’m doing terrific and my case was closed in my favor. I highly recommend Paola for legal representation.


Client: Confidential

Case Type:  Family – Divorce/Child Custody/Child Support

County Date: DeKalb County, GA - 2013
My name is *Confidential*. I was going through a divorce and I ask Paola for help. I was really worry because I thought that I was going to lose my son but she helped me in every possible way and still does. Paola along with her partner advise me throughout the case and try their best to save me some money. I consider Paola my family lawyer and also a friend for all she did for me. I would highly recommend Paola to any person in need of a lawyer. She is the best.


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